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Welcome to Derma Beauty Spa Medical Clinic

       We constantly work to give you not only a professional and results focused service but also a pampering and stress  relieving experience – all set within a relaxing, peaceful and friendly atmosphere. We offer:

*Anti-Ageing Treatments, including Skin Rejuvenation and Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments.

*Skin Treatments, including Acne Treatments and Scar Revision.
*Problem Vein Treatments, including Varicose Veins and Thread Veins.
*Body Contouring.

      *Anti-wrinkle injections.
      *Derma Fillers.
      *Non-surgical face lift.
      *Lipo Cavitation
      *Lip filler treatment.
      *Wax Treatments.
      *Cellulite Treatment.
      *Chemical Peels.
      *Laser Skin Resurfacing.
      *Rosacea Treatment.
      *Scar Treatment.
      *Skin Tag Removal.
      *Skin Pigmentation.
      *Stretch Marks.
      *Thread Vein Removal.
      *Varicose Veins Removal.

      *B12 Lipotropic Injections
      *D.O.T Test | Laboratory Exams
      *Dental Whitening Treatments
      *Chemical Peels
      *Wax & Permanent Make-Up
      *Acne & Spot Treatments
      *Cauterization Vulgar Wart
      *Botox | Restylane
      *Plasma PRP | Facials
      *Smart Mask
      *HCG. Diet Programs
      *Bamboo Therapy
      *Radio Frequency 
      *Vacuum Therapy.

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Our highly trained therapists are always on hand to guide you to the ideal treatment programme for you.

The diverse treatments available range from traditional thermal therapies to the latest beauty innovations.